Why Business Needs To Get Social (via Forbes)

Check out Joshua-Michele Ross’ insightful article for Forbes magazine, Why Business Needs To Get Social.

In passing, he mentions the impressive 3.5 million fans which Coca-Cola has gathered on their Facebook page. In fact, that page was started by two fans, unofficially and independently, before Coca-Cola caught on.

Overall though, as Ross highlights, we should get accustomed to the word “social”.

If the last 100 years was about gaining efficiency and innovation through scale and tight control of resources and communications, the next 100 will be about finding more fluid, open models of collaboration and cooperation. Playing on this new field has different rules. It requires shifting our concept of business from a legalistic model to a social one.

It’s a bold claim but there’s something very appealing about this prediction.

Chaos Scenario Has Arrived for Media, Marketing (via AdAge)

Bob Garfield surveys the media wreckage in this new AdAge article. This piece has been drawing multiple onlookers – as you would expect for any calamity. I first discovered the piece on Delicious‘ trending links last night, as if to offer further evidence that things have changed.

Meanwhile, Paul Dailing of Huffington Post gleefully surveys the scene – of bloggers surveying the scene, in How to Become a “Death of Newspapers” Blogger. With all the violent metaphors for a wounded industry that entails.

Why Facebook has never listened… (via Scobleizer)

Good conversation starter about Facebook’s long term business plans written by Robert Scoble, in case you missed it.

Is marketing evil? (Via Seth Godin)

Seth Godin tries to answer the question “is marketing evil?“.