Hello, world

We have now launched NativeHQ.

Our core belief in starting NativeHQ┬áis that regular and meaningful communication is vital. This company blog is a key thing for doing our own communication. It’s a living part of our business, where we model what we endorse.

We will mainly be discussing the wider subjects around our work, which covers social media, the web and the useful aspects of technology.

With this blog we want to avoid a one-way “broadcast” model which is perhaps the strongest temptation with a blog so closely allied with a business. We will listen, read, watch and otherwise check out what everyone else is offering and regularly respond here. We much prefer that way and we suggest that the benefits of real discussion are massive and ever increasing. On that note, anything that is (or resembles) blatant advertising has no place here.

We have deliberately set a broad remit and this will be reflected in the blog, which we plan to guide and shape along the way.

That leads us to our hope for you too – that you enjoy reading it and that it will help you in your work over time.

December 2008