Social media training with Size of Wales

Size of Wales training

Size of Wales is a great charity that is working to unite the people of Wales (and those who love us) around a project to protect an area of rainforest the size of (you’ve guessed it…) Wales.

They have made a great start to their work on social media with a fantastic effort to gain over 5500 fans of their Facebook Page, a brilliant Facebook application on their website that enables people to get together in Tribes to raise funds and regular interaction via Twitter.

The team wanted to come together to look at how they are using social media in support of their strategic goals. They also wanted to come up with creative ideas for creating digital content and promoting conversations about rainforests and action on fundraising.

We developed a process for the Size of Wales team which included evaluation and creative ideas generation. We also looked at specific issues with the functionality of platforms and ways in which the work being done by the whole team could feed into their communications work.

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The Safe Foundation website

NativeHQ present the Safe Foundation’s new website. Built on WordPress, the site gives the charity the capacity to operate online.

The Safe Foundation are a Cardiff-based charity that raises funds for small community projects overseas. They organise fundraising balls, parties and other events in the UK, getting contributions from their networks for communities they connect with directly.

Their new website provides them with a platform for operating online:

  • A latest news blog with RSS feed
  • Profiles of the projects they work with
  • An events calender for their fundraising events
  • A donation page where you can donate via PayPal, using Chipin
  • A Flickr group gallery for their photos
  • A cideo channel

The site is built in WordPress, giving the Foundation an awesome open source platform that is infinitely extendable.

You can also connect to the Safe Foundation team on Twitter:

For their first online fundraising effort, the Safe ladies are raising money to send a Flip Camcorder to the kids they work with in Sierra Leone. They only need $125 (about $90), so why not give them a big welcome to the web by Chipping into their fund?

UPDATE: It took then 1.5 hours to raise $125! So the Safe Foundation are going to raise another $450 for Flip cams for the kids they work with in India, Ghana and Uganda too!