Free Folk collaborative map project

Free Folk Map

We’ve just finished putting together a collaborative map project for Forest Forge Theatre Company for their new production, Free Folk.  The Free Folk map is a place where anyone can add their story to the map in a place that they have lived in the past, whether or not they stayed.

The map is a living document of people’s relationship with the places they’ve lived, and asks them to tell their story, and answer the specific questions; did you stay or did you leave? And was that your choice, or did you have to?

Built on Google Maps, the Free Folk map builds on work we did to create a similar public mapping site for National Theatre Wales for their show Love Steals Us from Loneliness. We worked with the young people in Bridgend to help them tell their stories using digital media, and populating the map – mostly with stories of love.

Now, we’ve updated the platform, giving it a responsive design that works on tablets and smartphones, and uses the updated Google Maps API for it’s interface. Many thanks to our associate Marc Heatley for his contribution to the project

The Free Folk map will be used to engage with audiences on the theatre company’s national UK tour of Free Folk, which throws five strangers together on a dark night and asks; who will be left come the morning?




  1. […] Marc is a visual designer and WordPress creator who runs his own design company here in Cardiff. He is, in our opinion, simply the best WordPress wrangler in the city, as well as being a special and rare breed of visual designer who really understands the web and knows how to build great user experiences on it. We regularly bring Marc in on technical NativeHQ projects that require a bit of extra web expertise and design thinking, for example our recent mapping website for Forest Forge Theatre Company. […]

  2. […] Marc yn ddylunydd gweledol a creawdwr WordPress sy’n rhedeg ei gwmni dylunio ei hun yma yng Nghaerdydd. Yn ein barn ni, fe yw’r ‘wrangler’ WordPress gorau yn y ddinas, yn ogystal â bod yn math arbennig a phrin o dylunydd gweledol sydd yn wir yn deall y we ac yn gwybod sut i adeiladu profiadau defnyddwyr gwych arno. Rydym yn gwahodd Marc yn rheolaidd ar brosiectau NativeHQ technegol sydd angen ychydig o arbenigedd ychwanegol a meddwl dylunio, er enghraifft ein gwefan mapio diweddar i Gwmni Theatr Forest Forge […]