National Botanic Garden of Wales Web Resources

Editorial primer

This contains publishing policies, protocols and guidelines. Please read this document before you create any content on the new website. Have it available when you begin creating too.

It’s likely that the answer to any questions you have about the site’s admin system will be available on this document.

Bilingualism policies

This document sets out the Garden’s policies in relation to bilingualism on the website. Please read through this document before you create any new content on the website.

Content development spreadsheet

This spreadsheet details the content that must be created for the new website before launch. On this spreadsheet you’ll find your own personal tasks for this project.

Website admin

Go here to access the website dashboard. This currently points to the draft pre-launch website on separate hosting. This is the link that you need to click in order to get to the admin site, so you can add new content.

Username and Password

Your default username is firstname.lastname and you will be briefed about your password when you are trained in using the website admin system.

Please change your password the first time you enter the site (and remember it). You can always reset your password by clicking on “forgot my password” on the admin page.

Admins and Editors

All questions and problems should be directed in the first instance to an Editor. If the Editors cannot answer, they will refer the issue to an Admin, who can consult the web development team if necessary.


  • David Hardy
  • Bruce Langbridge
  • Colin Miles



  • Natasha de Vere
  • Nancy Hardy
  • Jenny Swainston
  • Dawn Moore
  • Rosie Plummer
  • HollyMae Steane Price
  • Lucy von Weber
  • Paul Jenkins
  • Linsey Perry
  • Steffan John