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NativeHQ: Carl Morris and Tom Beardshaw

“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.”  Clay Shirky

Our ethos

We’re immersed in social media and enabling organisations to work more intelligently with these new communications tools.

Organisations are thinking about the effect they have on how they work, listen and converse – there are new risks and opportunities that require vision, skills, technologies and knowledge to manage.

Since 2009 we’ve specialised in social media, so we don’t bolt social media onto another core competency, we are relentlessly focused on how it affects a wide range of issues and contexts.

Social media is part of a rich ecosystem of communication purposes so we bring a strong understanding of innovation in marketing, communications, storytelling and collaboration to what we do.

Our approach

Our main aim is to enable our clients to become more intelligent in how they work with social media.

Every client is different, so we start by understanding what an organisation is trying to achieve – their business models and social goals. Then we talk through both the way forward in the long term and the next steps that need to be taken.

Usually, brands want to manage their own social media conversations, so we don’t “ghost blog”, we focus on enabling clients by developing their social media strategy and improving their skills through social media training.

Where outsourcing is required, we can provide additional services such as presentation and workshops, research and analysis, develop multiplatform design, web development and digital content production.

What we work on

We often work on projects that involve social media in the context of community development, marketing and advertising, social networks and media sharing, blogging and digital publishing, social photography and video production, platform assessment and choice, multiplatform theatre design and production, social media education, conference presentations and charity and social enterprise campaigns.


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